We are Lypy

For more than 5 years Lypy has worked with providers operating within UK health, social care and life sciences to deliver fully supported end to end digital solutions to power our healthcare system.

Real-time ray-traced rendering

Navigate and annotate smoothly in an intuitive and true to source viewer. Medical imaging reimagined for modern technology through streaming the volumetric source data to the GPU without pre-processing.

High-throughput healthcare messaging

Proven technology that is able to marshal and process messages, maintaining sequential consistency, at 2 orders of magnitude higher throughput than traditional architectures.

Healthcare SD-WAN

A cost effective networking platform that delivers end-to-end connectivity to and from anywhere your traffic needs to go for healthcare workloads.

Real-time predictive analytics

Historical event sourcing provides a wealth of information to anticipate future capacity management, estimated length of stay, identification of self funding patients etc.

Healthcare Industry Firsts

High throughput messaging with in band dependence pass:
Practical Dependence Testing. Goff, Kennedy, Tseng. PLDI 1991

Dual encoder models for information retrieval in clinical terminology/ontology translation:
Attention Is All You Need. Vaswani, Shazeer, Parmar, Uszkoreit, Jones, Gomez, Kaiser, Polosukhin. NeurIPS 2017

Zero trust network access with granular isolation:
Dissemination of Flow Specification Rules. Marques, Sheth, Raszuk, Greene, Mauch, McPherson. RFC5575 2009

GPU bound volumetric medical image visualisation:
NanoVDB: A GPU-Friendly and Portable VDB Data Structure For Real-Time Rendering And Simulation. Museth. SIGGRAPH 2021


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